Since the age of 4, Ercüment Kılıç was trained in Turkish music and dance by his father Feyiz Kılıç, and his uncle Selahattin Kılıç an economist by and an engineer respectively. Feyiz Kılıç, during his years in college also worked for TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) as a consultant and a researcher, and during 60s he planted the first seeds of Azeri music in TRT and Turkey. Selahattin Kılıç is the founder and instructor of the first professional Azeri dance ensemble in Turkey. Recognized as the first person to popularize the Azeri dances, Selahattin Kılıç also worked for the Turkish State Opera and Ballet Company as a consultant.

Ercüment Kılıç was involved with performance troops throughout his school years and as a child annually performed solo for the 2nd president of Turkey, Ismet Inonu. After graduating from high school, he was accepted into The Turkish National Ensemble, first as an accordionist, later as dancer.



Since his arrival in the US in 1977, Ercüment Kılıç became a popular name in the dance circles around the world. An amateur effort during his years initially at the University of Miami to promote Turkey, later on was heard around the world, and over the next 20 years, he was able to introduce the Turkish culture to millions people through lectures, workshops, radio and television programs

Since 1977, Kılıç has been invited by international cultural clubs, professional dance ensembles, university dance departments, ballet schools, and ballet companies in all 50 states in the US, Canada, Germany, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Republic of China, Hong Kong and Japan.